Our Mission

We believe in making HR & Recruitment simple. It doesn’t have to be rocket science!

About HR Sorted

We are a small (talented and witty) team of HR professionals who have experience across a range of sectors and HR disciplines. We are all qualified with the right HR credentials.



We have been there and done it

We have pretty much seen it all over the years and understand what good HR and recruitment looks like in any business. Our consultants have worked in companies of all sizes from the very big to the very small – and dealt with every type of issue from the very dull to the very interesting! Our team have also held business focused roles, so, although we are all qualified HR professionals, we understand the need for solutions to be practical, cost effective and relevant.




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Our Group Values

We take immense pride in our values. We have embedded them into our business and ensure each new employee understands our core values and vision and lives by them day by day.

HR Sorted is part of Redmill Group which is a group of companies encompassing RMK Talent Solutions, RMK Elevate and HR Sorted.

You can check us out at www.redmill-group.com 

Get In Touch

If you’re curious to hear about transforming your (HR/Recruitment) business processes or have a specific project in mind, get in touch.