Redmill Group Announces Partnership with Humanoo

Redmill Group Announces  Partnership with HUMANOO

Redmill Group recently entered a new collaboration with HUMANOO UK, a leading innovator in automated digital wellbeing, offered to people at the worlds’ most pioneering employers. This newly forged partnership further enables Redmill Group’s expanding “people-centred” strategy to promote health and wellbeing alongside the businesses under Redmill Group to micro-businesses, SME’s and larger clients.


Redmill Group are delighted to have agreed an exclusive agreement with Humanoo within the Human Resources (HR Sorted – where the wellness proposition sits) and Digital Education sector (Redmill Advance).

Employee Wellness - HR SortedRedmill Group’s ‘HR Sorted’ business and HUMANOO will extend its combined strength in brand, service delivery and account management in their continued efforts to enhance the services delivered to its existing client relationships. This includes service efficiencies such as dual branded marketing collateral, joined up relationship management support, centralised billing, and contractual capabilities as well as next generation reporting and data insights to support proactive decision making.

Gregor Ormond, Director at Redmill Group says ‘Employee wellness is a huge topic right now and having listened to many of our client’s pain points, ensuring they have happy and well employees is important. As such, we wanted to extend our services by partnering with a business that could provide a digital wellness solution but with a human touch too – and Humanoo do just that. Ensuring all businesses (no matter what size) had an effective solution to employee wellness was key for us, hence the creation of Redmill Wellness’ 

 “At HUMANOO, we provide our clients and customers with pioneering digital wellbeing solutions that help them manage their physical, nutritional as well as mental health proactively. Gamification, incentivisation and creating communities built around personal health play key roles in helping our clients and customers achieve their organizational and personal goals. Our newly formed partnership with Redmill Group demonstrates our commitment to help UK businesses tackle the inherent organizational challenges head on” said Philip Pogoretschnick, CEO, HUMANOO. 

Redmill lead the way in its recognition of the inherent challenges…

Redmill lead the way in its recognition of the inherent challenges that its clients and their employees face, trying to balance employee well-being with performance demands. This partnership with HUMANOO is specifically designed to proactively overcome these challenges head on. By giving employers a holistic solution that brings an expansive host of over 3,000 physical and mental well-being sessions to the or home offices of their colleagues, wherever they are across the U.K. through a unique to market gamification and incentivisation model designed to maximise engagement and health improvement. 

About Redmill Group 

Believing that having an effective workplace should be the goal of every organisation! Redmill are first and foremost a people business supporting employers and individuals to thrive with the right tools, technology and support.  

As a group of companies working with the professional services markets offering the provisions of talent selection, learning & development, and HR services and wellness across international markets. Redmill’s heritage can be traced back to 1996 and are proud to have supported thousands of individuals and companies to develop and grow over the years. 

Redmill group is simplified under 3 business channels of ‘Attract’ offering recruitment solutions, ‘Develop’ providing learning & development, and ‘Support’ for our Wellness and HR consultancy. 


Driven by the mission of making people healthier, HUMANOO is an automated digital health eco-system for employers and insurance companies. With offices in Berlin, London and Paris, HUMANOO enable their customers to improve their physical and mental health by offering personalised, customised and on-demand wellbeing and educational programmes in Fitness, Physio, mindfulness, sleep and nutrition. HUMANOO is one of the fastest growing corporate sponsored SaaS pioneers in digital health with hundred thousand customer relationships, globally. 

Workforce wellness has become a core focus for employers in the last few years more than ever before…

Businesses used to offer wellness solutions such a discounted gym memberships and free fruit as a ‘wellness perk’ but now, there’s a need for employers to look at this with a more holistic approach.

To learn more about our employee wellness solution visit HR Sorted website here:


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