Enhance your recruitment and onboarding processes

Pre-employment and employee development tools

Whilst we work best when we are talent searching for you, you are able to purchase employee assessment and development tools as a stand alone service from us. These tools will enhance your recruitment and onboarding process and ensure business best practices.

The surveys below are popular psychometric testing tools which can help you;

–> Benchmark a role internally
–> Recruit to the requirements of that role
–> Develop your people based on their strengths
–> Retain your stars

The surveys are designed to provide invaluable information as part of your hiring and onboarding processes. In addition, these tools help you gain a deep understanding of existing employee’s strengths and development needs and can be particularly useful for employee coaching and personal development reviews. 

Employers and hiring managers – this is for you!

The  Job Survey is an online tool and includes six reports. It helps managers, stakeholders and the HR recruitment team clearly and quickly define the behavioural requirements for any job at any level.

You can use the Job Survey to create an internal benchmark for any role by establishing the type of behaviours you believe will assist a person in that job.

A job description (tasks and duties) will tell us what we want someone to do. The survey will tell us how we want them to do it.

Why use it?

  • Creates consistency when recruiting
  • Establishes the behaviours you want in a role
  • Line managers can identify candidates who are best suited to the role
  • You can create an internal benchmark for every role in the organisation
  • Re-evaluate a role after a long standing employee has left to ensure job behaviours are up to date with organisational needs

If you feel your hiring process would benefit from this survey, then click on the button below.

Candidate or Employee Survey

This candidate or employee survey will give you insights in to their temperament, which in turn gives you data on the most effective management style for that individual. In addition, discover how they would interact with others and as well as self development techniques. This report gives you appropriate interview questions to ask alongside coaching suggestions to develop the individual.  

Use this survey to;

  • Understand what behaviours candidates will bring to the job
  • Manage and develop more effectively
  • Improve interviews
  • Induct more quickly
  • Reduce turnover

 Mental Agility Testing

This testing process is a timed 15-minute test that aims to measure the candidate’s general mental agility, speed of thought and other aspects of intelligence that are required for a job. Mental intelligence (also known as ‘general intelligence’) is one of the most important aspects of measurement for the prediction of future performance of a candidate on the job.

The  Mental Agility Test allows you to recruit candidates with the level of ability in speed of thought required for your role.

The test is available in different languages, online and on paper.



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